Monday, January 17, 2011

Medical Billing And Coding - What Are The Job Prospects And Salary ...

I know the job prospects and salaries for medical billing and coding professionals and medical insurance specialists are going to be good for many years to come. This is due to the demand for healthcare and the continuing need for specialists and professionals in these fields to ultimately help guarantee that reimbursements will be made in a timely manner.

Training in this field will never be wasted if you love the work and have many opportunities in your local area. If you have billing services, hospitals, insurance companies, large doctor's clinics and health facilities you'll likely have plenty of job opportunities. Of course you don't want to take this for granted and not only scour the paper for ads that appear to be in this field but make several phone calls to human resources departments in these facilities to find out what kinds of openings they have for medical billers, medical coders and medical insurance specialists.

Medical insurance specialists differ from billers and coders in that they are usually trained in both medical billing and coding. The job descriptions for billers and coders are quite different. You may enjoy billing work working with claims and patients or coding work - that is medical coding procedures or both.

When you're calling around on the phone you can also try to get an idea what the starting salaries will be for someone with education but no experience and with experience. Salaries vary quite a bit from around the U.S. and it depends a lot on the competition for the jobs available. Salaries can vary as much as from $30,000 to $45,000 depending on training, experience and how much experience one has in this field.

I see classified ads occasionally that are for medical billers but the ad does to always use this designation. It will say medical insurance specialist or billing assistant or something related so keep this in mind.

You can get training in medical billing or coding or both online or on your local college campus. Online training can be cheaper sometimes but you need to read any contracts carefully and check out the schools thoroughly.

Your local college reps can tell you whether they have a program in medical billing and/or medical coding. A number of subjects will need to be covered such as medical terminology. With some of the online schools you want to make sure that you actually need all the classes they recommend as it may cost more money. Federal financial aid is available for medical coding or billing online classes as well as for classes at your local schools, trade schools, colleges and universities and some of these institutions also have online classes you can combine with attending locally or taking the classes strictly online. Make sure to do your in initial research online for comparison's sake.


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