Saturday, January 15, 2011

Different Kinds Of Medical Jobs

Recent economic recession has adversely affected almost all industries across the world, especially in the US. In the process, many have lost jobs, and many are not sure when they will receive the pink slips. In this scenario, if there is a sector where there is no shortage of jobs, it is the health care sector.

Therefore, you could consider looking for jobs in this sector, if you want some stability in your life. Most people are under the impression that medical jobs are confined to being nurses, or physicians. Over the years the industry has grown considerably, and there are major changes in the way it is organized.

Today, medical jobs include jobs that require management, administration, and business development skills. Health care related jobs are available in health clinics, hospitals, medical centers, and other health care facilities. Most of these facilities try to keep more staff members on their role, as health care needs to be given promptly and being understaffed may have severe repercussions.

Traditionally, nurses, and doctors, did many administrative duties apart from their health care duties. Administrative staff members in health care facilities now do these administrative tasks. Because of this reorganization of duties, the nurses, and doctors in health care facilities are able to concentrate more on their jobs and give better results.

Medical facilities may require administrative staff at different levels, such as a consultant, who would advise them how to get loans for medical equipment, or an accounting administrator who would monitor the billing system of the hospital. Apart from these posts, a medical facility also need financial manager who prepares the accounts of the medical facility and files required tax returns while simultaneously doing jobs that a consultant does.

Administrative assistants and accounting assistants are also needed in these facilities. Good news is that you don't need to study in any medical school to do these jobs. Medical transcription is another type of job that is generated by health care sector. For doing this job, however, the person needs to undergo a short-term training so that there is no difficulty in capturing the medical terms that are spoken by physicians, patients, or nurses.

Basically, a medical transcriptionist (MT) types the words that are uttered by these three. There is a test at the end of the training course. It is mandatory that all medical facilities in the US should maintain records of all their patients, i.e., maintain patient's medical history. MTs are the ones who type such histories of patients.

Object is to retrieve such information in time, and also to ensure that the patient does not have to keep on repeating the same information several times. MT job is also attractive because people can do this work from their home, and at their convenience, subject to overall timeline.

This also means MTs don't have to spend time they cannot spare to look presentable in an office environment. An electronic system is used to do transcription work. Whatever patient and physician utter is recorded. The MT accesses this wave file through net, and replays it using a special software program.

A foot pedal is used to control the speed of the content and rewind or playback the wave file so that the MT does not miss any words. There are many jobs like this in medical field. The sector will always have some job openings whether the person is from medical field or not and whether the economy is robust or not.