Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is Medical Transcription Necessary?

Medical transcription involves professionals transcribing the medical records as dictated by doctors and other medical experts. The information that is translated include clinical notes, consultation notes, psychiatric evaluations, lab reports and many others. The dictation is carried over a tape or voice files which are then sent to the transcribers. Since the medical field has a lot of terminology, the transcribers are required to have knowledge on these besides having great language and listening skills.

The transcribers are also known as medical language specialists and are responsible for assisting the surgeons as well as the physicians with the transcription. They are usually relied upon by the medical professionals to help in the effective and accurate communication of the medical information. Since there are a number of developments in the medical field, the medical language specialists are required to be up to with the current technology as well as new terminology.

Medical transcription is necessary because it saves the doctors and the medical practitioners the effort and time taken to write the report on their own. This is especially important because most hospitals require the maintenance of an extensive record for each patient. Transcription will ensure that the hospitals are able to get the records that are well written for storage and reference.

The process is also necessary especially in the wake of the changing technology. Since many people use these medicals records such as the physicians, insurance companies and hospitals throughout the world, it has become necessary to make them easily available and accessible. The introduction of electronic health records have necessitated the use of these services so that the records can be used for reference in different situations such as scientific research and insurance settlement among others. It is therefore important that the medical practitioners look for a transcription company that will produce quality transcripts. The companies should also have qualified, well trained and experienced staff that will provide the best services.


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