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The Deal With Find-A-Code Medical Billing Code Database by Tyler S James There is a new face on the online medical resources block and his backpack is full of all the latest gadgets medical coders asked Santa for. Find-A-Code, the newest web-based medical billing code reference library just burst onto a field traditionally crowded by publishers and old-school desktop applications. They brought with them a shiny new website that is deceivingly powerful.How to Audit Your Hospital Bill by Adam Luehrs Many uninsured and underinsured people don't have means to pay their Hospital bills. Little do they realize you can actually audit your hospital bills for errors and double charges.Medical Billing - Do I Need A Degree To Get A Job As A Biller, Coder Or Insurance Specialist? by Helen Hecker If you've thought about entering the field of medical billing or coding or wondered what it would take to become a medical biller, medical coder or medical insurance specialist, you may be surprised to find out that you don't need a college degree to enter these fields. In fact any employer will hire you if you have experience over someone with no experience.What Factors Can Affect Your Medical Coding Salary? by Jane Tompsett The average medical coding salary can vary depending on the setting in which the coder works; whether it be in a small town or a big city, and whether is in a large organisation like a hospital or clinic, or a smaller, doctor's practice. Some medical coders even work from home. The rates of pay for a coder will also vary, depending on qualifications and experience. If you work from home your earnings will reflect how efficient you are and how many clients you have, so are likely to be more variable than those of someone with a full-time, fixed salary position.Medical Billing Services: Solution to All Your Billing Woes by Reuben A Shevlin With changing times there has been considerable change in the way professionals work and now there are specialists for everything. Growing scrutiny on part of the government has placed the onus of providing good quality services on the concerned professionals while maintain stringent standards.Medical Insurance Policy Basic For Medical Treatment Abroad by Greg Pierce Medical tourism has been very popular these days, many foreigners especially those coming from western countries are flocking to eastern and European countries for medical procedures which are expensive in their own land. Cosmetic surgery and dental procedures are just two of the many of the medical procedure which are given to tourist in a very affordable price but with the same quality as the procedure done in their home country. These medical procedures are covered by insurance which makes it more convenient for those who would like to avail this kind of service abroad.Medical Billing And Coding - How Much Money Can I Make As A Medical Insurance Specialist? by Helen Hecker A medical insurance specialist is an expert on both medical billing and medical coding. It's not necessary to get your education and or training in both of these fields. In fact most people don't. They specialize in billing or coding but usually not both. In terms of salary or how much money you'll make in either field you may make just as much if you focus on just one of these fields.The Benefits Of Using Medical Claims Billing Software Within Your Office by Shirley Condon A healthcare facility's medical claims billing involves a lot of work for more than a couple of individuals. Medical claims billing can be a complicated task that requires a great deal of work.Medical Billing: How Is It Done? by Nadine Torres When a person has a health insurance from a certain company, he/she is probably familiar with the process called medical billing. It is actually the process in which a medical billing specialist files a claim to the patient's health insurance company. This a way of making sure that the health care providers will be able to receive the appropriate payment for the medical services that were rendered to the patient. With this process the billing specialist will also deal with unpaid claims and other problems related to related to it.Big Brother Will Be Watching You by Douglas Cassel How providers practice is a matter of great professional pride and tradition. Well meaning people can differ in the evaluation and methods of treatment selected. Government mandated treatment protocols will incite tremendous opposition from many in the health care community.Health Insurance Leads Information by Robbie Lindsey G Walsh Health insurance offers coverage for the covered towards healthcare expenses incurred because of sickness or mishaps. Medical insurance applications generally include the price of regimen check-ups, preventive as well as emergency health care, as well as prescription drugs. The insurance provider can be a personal organization or a federal government company. One can define Insurance Leads as people who desire to be healthy. In the United States associated with America, a lot more than 80% from the population offers health insurance...Medical Billing Or Medical Coding Certification - Do You Have To Be Certified To Get A Good Salary? by Helen Hecker If you're thinking about getting into the medical billing or medical coding field and think you have to be certified to get a good salary or higher wages there are a few things to consider first. You have probably heard a lot about certification. But do you really need to be certified to get a job in medical billing or coding or both and make more money?The Pitfalls Of Health Insurance by Chuck Cox We all understand how health insurance generates a lot of paperwork which also includes a lot of fine print. However, the bad part of this is that most folks tend to not read any of this in as a result do not understand what your plan covers.The Four Steps of Developing a Medical Practice Compliance Program by Dallas Alford The health care regulation laws that now exist were created to ensure that the interest of every medical group will be protected. Failing to abide by such laws could pose significant risk due to fines, penalties and even potential criminal charges. A well designed compliance plan can ensure that your healthcare organization is compliant with CMS standards and therefore reduce any potential insurance audit risk.I Wouldn't Want to Practice in Massachusetts Either - Or the Real Reason for Doctor Shortages by Douglas Cassel There, I said it. Massachusetts, although a good place to train (I did), is a bad place to practice. It always has been. There are too many doctors coming out of training programs, and the state has a "model" health care plan which restricts salaries. Combined with a bad malpractice situation, people leave Massachusetts for better opportunities elsewhere.Medical Billing Office Mistakes - The 10 Biggest And How to Avoid Them by Brad Graham As we embark upon 2011, the necessity to improve the efficiency and profitability of our Medical Billing has never been more important. Here are some suggestions to assist your medical billers and some deadly pitfalls to avoid.A Medical Billing and Coding Salary Can Be Yours For the Taking by Jane Tompsett Your medical billing and coding salary, should you decide to enter this sector of the healthcare industry, will vary somewhat depending on a number of factors. The first is your geographical location and the second is the size of health care organization you are employed by.Medical Billing And Coding - What Kind Of Salary Or Hourly Rate Can I Expect? by Helen Hecker If you've been considering going into the medical billing or medical coding field you need to have some idea what you can make in terms of salary or wages and before you even think about getting any training in either field. There are a wide range of salaries and hourly rates offered depending on the type of facility, clinic, hospital or business or other places where you might work.A Discussion About Medical Professionals Insurance by Samual Ellis We all have various types of insurance policies that protect different aspects of our everyday lives, as well as our property. The average doctor has types of policies that are quite important to his or her practice and the following is a discussion about medical professionals insurance. The most popular type of policy that such professionals carry, is the one that is going to protect them and their practice from frivolous law suits.Who Needs Insurance For Medical Professionals? by Joshua Russell Individuals are becoming much more aware of the rights. There is a growing acceptance by society in general that anyone has the right sue and to claim compensation if they feel they are justified in doing so. Many people do when they believe they have received treatment which has been detrimental to them physically or mentally.England's Healthcare Crisis Sends a Warning to the Colonies by Douglas Cassel "It appears bureaucrats made decisions impacting millions of people in secret, with little or no disclosure." This is the exact procedure used when Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid rammed through Obamcare, with the vote coming before the actual bill was available for review.Two-Tiered Medical Care, A Possible Solution by Douglas Cassel Just because an idea doesn't succeed the first time around is not a reason to reject it outright. The Oregon medicaid plan, a failed idea from the 1980's, is a classic example. A two-tiered system based upon the Oregon plan may offer the best choice for addressing the many conflicts facing health care policy. Of course I have no power to institute such a plan, but I do feel it may be the basis of an honest discussion of health care in America, which sets me apart from the supporters of Obamacare.Insurance Companies Fined for Underpayments, Imagine That by Douglas Cassel Thirty years ago, one of our billing office employees told me an interesting story. While previously working for a large insurance company she had been instructed to throw away every third batch of bills. The insurance companies knew that a many of these claims would never be followed-up, further increasing their profits.Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Programs by Erik R Johnson If you are considering medical billing and coding specialist programs, you have many options to explore. After completing one of these degree programs you will be prepared for a job in a career field that is in demand and will continue to grow for years to come. Your schooling should prepare you to carry out a number of important duties that are integral to the healthcare system of today.Telling the Truth About Obamacare, It Depends by Douglas Cassel Lawyer: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse? Witness: No. Lawyer: Did you check for blood pressure?Medical Billing And Coding - How Much Money Does It Pay? Salary Range by Helen Hecker First of all medical billing and coding are basically two different functions. You can focus on medical billing or medical coding or a combination of both. Oftentimes people think you must train in both billing and coding but that's not the case.How to Start a Medical Billing And Coding Business by Daljeet Sidhu The economy is in recession and most doctors want to lower their costs and improve collections. It is a great time to start a medical billing service. We discuss the steps needed to get started.What Are the Key Features of Medical Billing and Coding Certification? by R Subburam We live in a time where the so called "baby boom" generation is getting to the upper age bracket. In the US alone there are nearly eighty million adults who belong in this age group. Many of them are starting to show signs of old age which means they will start to get all of the inherent problems that come with aging such as illnesses. Another thing is that as the years go by, the medical world is developing new procedures and tests. This in turn means that medical billing and coding is growing in importance, for both, hospitals as well as insurance companies.Oops, You Mean Obamacare Doesn't Lower Healthcare Costs? My Bad by Douglas Cassel A new study, performed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) auditors, predicts that Obamacare will not lower medical costs and may increase them. This is a direct refutation of the promises so recently made to us by President Obama, Congressional leaders, and other proponents of Obamacare.Sample Medical Billing Contract - My Biggest Mistake by Alice Scott Don't leave out important parts of a medical billing contract by using a sample contract. Make sure you cover all the issues you will run into later on. Sample contracts are not the answer for a successful medical billing business.[ Previous 30 | Display By Oldest | Display By Newest | Next 30 ]

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